Second month of pregnancy: the symptoms and the appearance of the belly

At the second month of pregnancy it is very likely that you know you are pregnant: the first symptoms intensify and you begin to see the belly. There are therefore priorities to be taken into account, especially from the medical point of view. Your gynecologist will proceed immediately with:

  • basic gynecological examination, measurement of pressure and body weight
  • blood and urine tests
  • non-mandatory prescription of supplements to prevent any deficiencies. Gynecologists often prescribe folic acid , iron and magnesium, which are essential for a good development of the fetus .

How does the fetus develop in the second month?

During the second month of pregnancy , the nervous system, the lungs, the liver, the stomach and the pancreas develop considerably, after starting this training during the first month . The spine and kidneys are formed. The first muscles, those that allow the child to move, take shape. Sensory organs such as the optic nerve, ears, tongue and tip of the nose continue to develop and are now visible at the first ultrasound, which is held right during these weeks. But the embryo does not hear and does not yet see. His small heart is divided into two ventricles, the right and the left. At the end of the second month, it measures about 3 centimeters and weighs from 2 to 3 grams. The first ultrasound allows, already at this stage of pregnancy, to calculate the date of birth and verify the state of health of the placenta, which is fundamental in the growth of the child.

The development of the fetus month by month

In this video , you can see how the fetus develops from the moment of conception to a moment before the birth. An extraordinary video to understand the miracle of nature. In the first months the embryo starts a rudimentary development of the first vital organs (a phenomenon called organogenesis), to then develop the limbs, and finally the brain.

How to behave during the second month?

During the development of pregnancy, especially during the first few months, it is important to follow rules of behavior to ensure a serene pregnancy and a healthy child. The first ultrasound is performed, with a doctor’s prescription, and we begin to pay attention to nutrition, which is crucial for preventing diseases and disorders such as toxoplasmosis or hypertension, which are dangerous in this state. Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do to live a peaceful second month of pregnancy:

  • if you suffer from morning sickness, drink a glass of water on an empty stomach. Don’t get up as soon as you wake up, wait a quarter of an hour. Avoid tea and coffee and prefer herbal teas or chamomile
  • if you suffer from slight discomforts such as hot flushes, frequent urge to urinate, breast pain, heartburn, headache, dizziness, nasal bleeding, itching or vomiting, do not take any medication, and always consult your doctor or gynecologist
  • consult your doctor in the event of a leak
  • if you feel tired, give yourself short naps: they will help you regain your strength
  • abdominal cramps are perfectly normal, and are not to be confused with uterine contractions
  • choose a sweet sport: walking is often more than enough, but you can also go swimming, or yoga
  • drink lots of water

What to eat during pregnancy?

For your diet, prefer fresh and varied products to frozen ones. Do not remove the proteins, essential for the development of the child’s muscles, nor the caloric intake of the starchy foods, which will prevent you from giving in too often to sweets. However, avoid eating too much fat, too sweet or too salty. Avoid rawor badly washed foods , and eliminate alcohol, coffee and especially cigarettes. Keep the weight gain under control: the ideal would be if it varied from 10 to 12 kilos over the nine months.

The psychological symptoms of pregnancy

During pregnancy, you will tend to question yourself. Your mood will become unstable and cravings will change quickly. You will need love, affection and understanding from others. It could happen that your body changes quickly, in fact the belly starts to see and the symptoms of pregnancy intensify. It is good to talk with others, because fears that not only concern you, but also the child will begin to arise : doubts and fears that the child is not healthy, that childbirth does not go well or fears of another nature. Many future mothers often find relief in group sessions or in meetings with a specialist. Often also the reassurances of the gynecologist they can be enough to calm down.

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