How long do fights last?

labor contractions last

Labor pains … of many who have already given birth, these words are returned to the past, and sometimes I don’t want to remember – like this …

For homogenous women, the issue of labor is one of the main problems – when and how does this happen?

Well, let’s try to figure it out. But do not forget that every woman experiences all this in her way, and with the similarity of the process, everything happens in different ways.

labor contractions last

Scapula – regular involuntary contractions of the muscles of the uterus, which the woman in labor can not control.

The entire birth process takes place in 3 stages

The first – the cervix gradually becomes softer and opens, which ensures the baby’s exit from the uterus. This period can last many hours or end very quickly. Its duration depends on the woman’s body and the number of births. According to statistics, if the delivery is first, then the average labor is 12 hours; subsequent 4-6 hours less.

The second is the period in which the baby advances through the birth canal and is born into the world. Time also varies, and there is no specific meaning.

The third is the birth of the afterbirth. If there were no complications during childbirth, then the minute process.

Still at home, after How to understand that the fight began? Relaxation techniques should be applied. The first is proper breathing. The basic principle is to exhale slowly as the contractions intensify, and not hold your breath or grip your teeth.

The main thing is not to forget that this pain goes away – a long-awaited meeting with the baby lies ahead – and immediately, it becomes easier (experienced).

The birth process is to open the cervix. It is believed that contractions were established when the opening is 3 cm (or as doctors like to say – by three fingers).

I remember, my doctor told me that the opening is 3 cm, and childbirth begins when the opportunity is 10 cm. She considered that, on average, 1 cm is opened per hour.

Contractions began after the bubble was pierced, at 18.00 … according to her calculations, she should have started giving birth at about 23-24 hours.

But here, once again, to prove that all organisms are different, already at 20.30 the child went, I felt the head … and at 21.15 Demidka was born. The doctor was amazed, and asked: “What gave birth so early, I said by 23 at night.”

How to count contractions?

The duration and strength of contractions is a gradual phenomenon, and increase over several hours. The frequency and duration should be considered.

1. Take a watch with a second hand and begin to measure the length of contractions from the very beginning of pain.

2. Until the pain subsides, continue to count.

3. Then determine how much time elapses before the next bout.

Do not be surprised if the duration of the contractions or the interval between them does not change smoothly, but in jerks. Determine the time approximately: for example, that contractions are repeated every 3-5 minutes and last about 35-45 seconds.

4. In the maternity hospital, they put the CTG apparatus to track the contractions.

And when to go to the hospital?

1. You should wait until the contractions go after 4-7 minutes and last for 45-60 seconds each.

2. If the water has left, then urgently call an ambulance and head to the hospital. Not forget to inform the doctor about the departure. In case of a violation of the membranes of the fetal bladder, one cannot delay procrastination.

2. If the birth is not the first, then even with a lesser frequency of contractions, you should go to the hospital. Let the doctors look and decide what to do.

Everyone told me that I did not give birth; the period was short, long before the DA. The DA was on February 6, and I turned to the hospital on January 20. She gave birth to a son on January 23. Therefore, it is better to play it safe and consult a doctor to avoid critical situations.

It’s scary – until I experienced it, then you understand – all this is nothing compared to the lump that mothers bring.

I wish you a natural birth and health to the children!

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