First month of pregnancy: Symptoms and advice on how to behave

The first month of pregnancy, in many cases, goes almost unnoticed. In the first few weeks there are symptoms that you might notice, which could make you think of a pregnancy.

There are many cases in which the first month, and also the second, are almost completely asymptomatic. In case you suspect, the first thing to do is a pregnancy test . It is 99 percent reliable, and the big advantage is the immediate result. You can take the test about ten days after the supposed fertilization or a few days after the supposed return of the cycle (at least three days), which will confirm your pregnancy. Next, you should ask your gynecologist to prescribe blood tests: the results will tell you with absolute certainty if you are pregnant .

The nine months of pregnancy in one minute

In this extraordinary video, you can discover the development of the fetus in a single minute each month, from the moment of conception to the moment just before the birth . The embryo, at first only a group of cells, develops gradually into a fetus, and finally into a real child, ready to come into the world.

The evolution of the fetus in the first month

During the first month, the egg is now implanted in the uterine mucosa. The development of the fetus at this stage already involves the formation of the first organs, such as the heart and stomach. A rudimentary nervous system is also formed, which will continue to develop until the ninth month, with the development of the brain. The limbs, in this stage, are only small bumps. In the initial phase, there is still talk of an embryo, and not a fetus.

The risks in the first month of pregnancy

During the first month, it can happen to have a miscarriage, as happens to 20% of women. It is in fact the greatest risk one faces. It manifests itself through the loss of sensations related to pregnancy and the appearance of continuous blood loss (but be careful: blood loss can also be completely normal). In this case, immediately consult your gynecologist.

First month of pregnancy: what to do and what not to do

To avoid risks and live a peaceful pregnancy, there are some basic rules you should follow. First of all be cautious, avoiding too energetic or violent sports, which increase the risk of abortion. Skiing, martial arts and horse riding are strongly discouraged. In some cases it is better not to take long car trips . As for nutrition and habits, stop smoking immediately, if you haven’t already done so, and reduce your consumption of tea and coffee. Eliminate spirits, and just give yourself half a glass of wine once in a while. Diet during pregnancy is important, so you should start now to follow some rules and ban, such as consuming raw food to avoid the risk of toxoplasmosis. Another risk to be averted by immediately assuming good behavior is that of hypertension: avoid foods with too much sodium (salt) and keep the pressure under control. Consume fiber, vegetables and fruit to take as many vitamins as possible. If you happen to suffer from nausea or headache, typical pregnancy symptoms at the beginning, always consult your doctor before taking medication , as many of them, such as aspirin, are prohibited or strongly discouraged during pregnancy.

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