3rd week of pregnancy for the mother and child – 1st month of pregnancy

Mom’s health

Still no menstruation: the aspects already for about ten days. You can take a pregnancy test (if you haven’t done it yet!). These tests measure a hormone, the HCG, whose rate increases progressively in your body when you incite, doubling every 2-3 days and continuing to rise until the seventh-twelfth week of pregnancy. Pregnancy tests analyze the levels of this hormone in urine.

Some women may experience the first symptoms related to pregnancy, such as morning sickness, which often occurs at the time of awakening. But be careful, if you don’t have any digestive symptoms it doesn’t mean that your pregnancy has problems. Perhaps, you simply have the luck to escape this kind of ailment!

The development of the child

On the 16th day of pregnancy, the fertilized egg measures about 3 mm and nestles better and better in the uterine lining. The villousness of the surface of the fertilized cell come into contact with the blood vessels of the uterus to bring it the nutrients essential to its development.

For its part, the uterus has prepared itself to receive the fertilized egg, thanks to the influence of some hormones produced by the ovaries.

The cells of the fertilized egg organize themselves and differentiate more and more to form the future embryo. The fertilized egg increasingly resembles a disc consisting of three types of leaflets (the “embryonic leaflets”), which will be the origin of the different tissues and organs.

Our advice


The great enemy of future mothers, especially at the beginning of a pregnancy, is fatigue. The first few months it often happens to have a great desire to sleep : it is normal! First of all, because the body is put to the test during pregnancy. From the first few weeks, the hormonal structure changes.

Its upheaval is responsible for the main changes in the body of the expectant woman that can be accompanied by slight illnesses. The transformations of the hormonal order are necessary for the development of pregnancy and inevitably involve physical and psychological repercussions: for example, estrogen and progesterone concentrations increase in the blood. These repercussions sometimes become real disorders, such as changing the rhythm of sleep .

Tips to stay healthy

  • Avoid getting too tired, sleep at least eight hours a night.
  • Increase the hours of rest and, if you can, take a nap on the weekend!
  • At home, put aside household chores and heavy jobs.
  • To avoid sleep, eat in a balanced way: do not skip meals and never stay more than 4-6 hours without eating, so as not to overwork the body.
  • Eat healthy and easily digestible foods, especially at night.
  • Eat enough: the body of a pregnant woman works harder (25% increase in calorie consumption) and therefore you need about 2500 calories at the beginning of pregnancy, and 2800 starting from the sixth month. Adopt a varied diet (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids), free of deficiencies.
  • Limit weight gain. If you are heavy, you will have more difficulty moving and you will get even more tired!

Sleep disorders during pregnancy

Don’t worry if you can’t sleep well , it’s normal. When you are pregnant, you feel more like sleeping during the day and often have trouble getting to sleep at night. We are not aware of the hormonal or psychological causes of this mechanism. The nightmares are frequent, especially during the first pregnancy . I am not the symptom of a complicated or badly lived pregnancy, but rather an expression of legitimate anxieties and worries.

Attention , if the episodes of insomnia multiply and you do not risk to sleep even during the day, consult your doctor: you need to fill up with energy for living your pregnancy well and to adequately nourish your baby. If you are really too tired and work, ask your doctor to prescribe you a few days off.

Not to forget

Do a pregnancy test!

If you want to already think of the name for your baby, consult our name guide!

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